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4 06 2011

Check out the performing arts calendar at OnstageWithLisa.com to see what’s on the boards and who’s auditioning in the North State.

Auditions for TWO New Productions Coming Up in November

8 11 2010

Two great opportunities to participate in some good theater locally!

First up is Paradocks Theater auditions for the Oscar Wilde farcical comedy, The Importance of Being Earnest.  Director is Ashley Stander, and auditions will be held Tuesday November 16th and Wednesday November 17th at 7:30pm at the Center for Spiritual Living at 1905 Hartnell Avenue in Redding.  For more information, contact Ashley Stander at ashley@paradocks.net.

Next is the Arthur Miller drama, All My Sons at the Riverfront Playhouse. Directed by Russell Piette, auditions will be held Sunday, November 21st, and Monday, November 22nd at 6:30pm at the Riverfront Playhouse at 1620 East Cypress Avenue in Redding.  Those auditioning are asked to prepare a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue.   For more information, contact Russell Piette at 722-7469.


1 09 2010
“The Only Christmas Pageant In Town”
A Play with Traditional Christmas Music
By Faye Couch Reeves
Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, CO
Directed by Mack Davis and Ben Van Sickle
(for more information call Mack at 530-524-6632)

Auditions for the Christmas play at Riverfront Playhouse will be held on:

Sunday, September 19th at 4:30 p.m.

Monday the 20th at 5:30 p.m.

and very possible Tuesday the 21st at 5:30 p.m.

Auditions will be at Riverfront Playhouse, 1620 E. Cypress Ave., Redding, CA.

If you’re looking for a holiday activity, fun for all members of your family, consider being a part of another warm and touching Christmas show at Riverfront Playhouse.

Rehearsals will begin on September 27th

Show runs November 20th-December 18th


Every year, the commanding Olive Green directs the Christmas pageant for the Little Church in the Vale, but there is always something missing.  Trying to get it right this year, she hires the flashy Hollywood Theater of Peace and Tidings of Great Joy Traveling Troupe with their real feather angel wings, a band and a camel!  But when a snowstorm keeps Hollywood out, Olive’s friends convince her to create a pageant with the church members already there.  Everyone wants in on the act, from the feuding church board members who suddenly discover harmony, to the women’s auxiliary singing tidings of comfort and pie. The best-loved songs of Christmas and a sweet, funny story filled with memorable characters combine to teach a gentle lesson — Christmas is not in the flash and the feathers but in the true gift of that holy night so long ago.

Cast List

The Angel Sam                        Sent to do a little Christmas work

Little Church In The Vale

Olive Green: Longtime director of the Christmas pageant

Hope:  Olive’s cheerful assistant director

Joy: Olive’s frustrated assistant-assistant director

Mr. Jeeves: Wise and practical custodian

Miss Berry : Director of the children’s choir

Reverend Holly: Just one “L” away from holy

Mr. Stern: Unbending-yet musical church board member

Mrs. Shrill: Church board member with a memorable voice

Mr. Verbose:  “Bottom-line” kind of church board member

Mrs. Stickling: Board member: an alto with an attitude

Merrie Blossom: Member of the Women’s Auxiliary.  Escapee from the 60’s

Martha: Practical member of the Women’s Auxiliary

Kay: Another member of the auxiliary

(Others-there may be other non-speaking members of the auxiliary)

Children In The Choir

Christopher: Elementary-age

Alice: Elementary-age

Albert: Elementary-age

Denise:  Very small girl

Bridget: Elementary-age

Gloria: Elementary-age

Louise: Elementary-age

Ben: Elementary-age

Teens and Parents

Bonnie: Pageant fan

Mrs. Brown: Bonnie’s mother

Annie: Pageant fan

Mrs. White: Annie’s mother

Christy: Faithful (and fun) teen

Sarah:  Teen

Stephanie :  Teen

Tabitha:  Teen

Nan:  Teen

Weary Travelers

Chuck Morris: Civil defense coordinator-in charge of roads

Allen Wiseman: Widowed truck driver from back East

George: Allen’s teenage son

Fred: Allen’s other teenage son

Ole Olsen: Leader of the polka band

Lars Larsen: Musician in the polka band

Nels Nelson: Another polka band member

Olga Oglstad: Another polka band member

Guido Trombino: Musician with a “funny” accent

Maria: Young mother

Joe :   Young father


4 08 2010

You only have a few more chances to see this fresh new musical, set on a tropical island in the Bermuda Triangle.  Mystery, music, mirth and merriment make for a magical experience on Club Dead – The Last Resort!  Here is a sample:

Be sure to wear your favorite resort-wear when you come!

Performances are Friday and Saturday nights, August 6, 7, 13, 14 at 7:15pm.   Matinee on Sunday, August 8th at 1:45pm.  Closing Night is Saturday, August 14th with champagne reception preceding the performance.

All performances are located at:

The Riverfront Playhouse
1620 East Cypress Avenue
Redding, CA
Tickets can be purchased at:
Graphic Emporium
1525 Pine Street
Reservations by phone
Credit cards accepted at Graphic Emporium
Summer hours Monday -Friday 9:30 – 5:00

For more information contact:
Lisa Collins, Lisa@GenerationDVDs.com
(530) 224-0953 home  (530) 953-8542 cell

CLUB DEAD – THE LAST RESORT, Shaping Up To Be A “Hot” Show!

28 06 2010

The talents and work ethic of the cast and crew of Club Dead – The Last Resort, this summer’s production at the Riverfront Playhouse in Redding, CA, are starting to show.  Still nearly three weeks away from opening night (July 17, 2010) and already the actors are nailing their music and their characters, and the set is starting to come alive!   We are super excited about the music in this show – and we are urging everyone to get their tickets sooner, rather than later – I promise that you will have a blast at Club Dead!

Tickets can be purchased at:
Graphic Emporium
1525 Pine Street
Reservations by phone
Credit cards accepted at Graphic Emporium
Summer hours Monday -Friday 9:30 – 5:00

Be sure to wear your favorite resort-wear when you come!

Check out the music video and commercial below.


25 05 2010

The turnout for auditions for the original musical comedy “Club Dead – The Last Resort” was fantastic – 25 talented singers and actors turned out to offer their brilliance to fill the 8 available roles for the Riverfront Playhouse’s upcoming summer show.

Below are the results, and we hope to see you this summer at CLUB DEAD – THE LAST RESORT!

Fernando Dead: Mathew McDonald

Lola Crawford: Victoria Graham

Cecil B. DeSwille: Wade Riggs

Taboo Tyler II: Stephen Kline

Tippy Canoe: Jennifer Markhart

Tawny Kitten: Kelsie Hill

Fuller Krappe: Jeremiah Esses

Dr. Herbert Morose: Ian Dalziel

Jammin Bredmon: Bill Ruess

Auditions For Original Musical Comedy

30 04 2010

Auditions for Club Dead – The Last Resort, an original musical-comedy murder-mystery written and directed by Bill and Lisa Collins, will be held on Sunday May 23rd, and Monday May 24th at the Riverfront Playhouse.

Audition Dates/Time:
Sunday, May 23rd, 2010  6:30pm
Monday, May 24th, 2010  6:30pm

Show Dates: July 17th – August 14th

Click here for rehearsal schedule (subject to change).

Riverfront Playhouse
1620 East Cypress Avenue
Redding, CA


Fernando Dead – A man age 30-60, Mysterious owner of Club Dead.
Taboo Tyler II – A man or woman age 20-50.  Colorful island character.
Tippy Canoe – A woman age 18-40, Bubbly Activities Director
*Cecil B. DeSwille – A man age 30-60, Hollywood Producer/Director/Arrogant
Lola Crawford – A woman age 40-70, Fading movie star, married to DeSwille
Tawny Kitten – A woman, age 18-35, Aspiring Starlet
*Fuller Krappe (pr. Crappay)   –  A man age 18-35, Accident-prone surfer dude/Scuba instructor

*Denotes non-singing role.

Click here for Audition sides (scripts)

Click here for Audition Forms:
CLUB DEAD Audition Forms

Those auditioning for singing roles will be asked to sing one song of their choice a cappella.

For more information contact:
Lisa Collins, Lisa@GenerationDVDs.com
(530) 224-0953 home  (530) 953-8542 cell

Butterflies Are Free Opens This Saturday!

17 03 2010


See Savannah Harter, Cannon Knapp, Kathryn Kirk and Ian Dalziel in this classic – can’t wait!  Opens at Riverfront Playhouse this weekend – Saturday, March 20th, 2010 and runs until April 17th.  Tickets on sale at the Graphic Emporium 1525 Pine Street in Redding. To reserve your tickets by phone call 241-4278.



9 03 2010

written by Pat Cook
directed by Jonessa Brittan

Sunday, March 21
Monday, March 22
6:30pm   Riverfront Playhouse
***boys who wish to audition for the part of Gerald Sims (age 10-13)
are requested to come to auditions at 6:00pm

Play runs from May 22 to June 19


Lillie Scones:  Sweet retired nanny, age 45-65
Jocelyn Minnow:  Slightly dim nanny, friend of Lillie, age 45-65
Carmella Dundee:  A working nanny, a bit jaded, age 45-65
Stu Benchley:  Small-time crook,  mid 30’s
Pat Turgesson:  Stu’s wise-cracking assistant, age 20-30’s
Teddy Hitchell:  Young smarmy man with a secret, age 20-30’s
Betty Collins:  Teddy’s fiance, very bright woman, age 20’s
***Gerald Sims:  Con-artist brat, age 10-13
Chief Dan Collins:  Betty’s police chief father, age 40’s-50’s (small part)
Mrs. Sims:  Gerald’s long suffering mother, age 35+ (small part)

Lillie Scones is a sweet retired nanny who runs a boarding house with one resident and a “cat the size of the Louisiana Purchase.”  Her two friends, Jocelyn and Carmella, help to pass the time by listening to music and gossiping.  Then Stuart, an old charge of hers, rents a room.  Lillie is tickled to have him around again, not knowing that he is planning on robbing the bank on the corner.
Throw in a pretty girl, chief of police, a suspicious fiance, two unsavory friends, and a half-pint brat and nobody knows what will happen next.  In the spirit of Frank Capra, this tale of a bank heist and three retired nannies has all the classic comedy twists and surprises fit for any audience.

For more information, call the director, Jonessa Brittan at 242-0390 (evenings) or e mail jloybee@aol.com

Redding Talent Company
Redding, CA
(530) 224-0953

Local Wineries Add Flavor To Holiday Murder Mystery!

8 11 2009

While planning this year’s ‘Christmas’ show at the Riverfront Playhouse, which is a murder mystery set in a winery, Bonnie Thompson suggested to directors Bill and Lisa Collins that they have some local wineries do a little wine tasting with the audience at each show.  This idea was met with great enthusiasm not only by the Riverfront Playhouse Board of Directors, but by the wineries and restaurants themselves, with almost 100% participation from those that were contacted!  Even the wine glasses were generously donated by Greg Butler of the Shasta Cascade Viticulture Association!

The wine tasting will take place during the 45 minute period prior to the start of the play on Friday and Saturday night performances.  The doors open at 6:45pm and the play starts at 7:30pm.  There is no extra charge for the pre-show wine tasting, and the festive setting will make this a great way to get into the mood of the evening!

COAT OF ARMSThe play itself is called “Dead to the Last Drop, or, Cheers to the Holidays” and is set at the fictitious winery called “Sangue Scuro” which means “Dark Blood” in Italian.  The winery is owned by the Davino brothers Gino and Vito (Wade Riggs and Jorge Arguello), who are throwing a welcome-home/holiday party for Vito’s daughter Angelina who has just arrived home from college.  The guests attending the celebration are Madonna Pescacelli Pepperonni Calzone (Victoria Graham) who is the daughter of Godfather Calzone, cork-maker and billionaire Corky Tannin (Dan Kupsky), blonde bombshell Anny Greensprings (Savannah Harter), the third Davino brother – Dino (Wade Riggs) and the staff includes sommelier  Andre Bordeaux (Ian Dalziel), and piano player Julio Gallo ( Bill Ruess).  Each of these colorful characters are implicated in several murders that take place during the evening, and the audience is invited to try their hand at solving the mystery, with prizes awarded to those who identify the most clues.

An original musical comedy mystery, first produced in 1997 as a dinner-theater presentation, this production marks its transformation into a traditional theater piece that is slated for publication early in 2010.  It’s not every day you get to be in on the premier production of a play – the actors you see performing will be those listed in the front of the published play as the individuals who first created the roles for stage!  So come share in the wine, merriment and mystery of this special event!

Here is the schedule of special guest wineries and restaurants and the nights they will be featured at the Riverfront Playhouse:

Saturday, November 21, Vintners Cellar Custom WineryMain
Friday, November 27-Indian Peak Vineyards147_05_petite
Saturday, November 28-Burnsini Vineyardsburnsinizin_150
Friday, December 4-Mt. Tehama Winerymttehamao
Saturday, December 5-Alpen Cellarsalpen
Friday, December 11-New Clairvaux Winerynewclair_logo
Saturday, December 12-Tapas Downtowntapasest_logo_bigger
Thursday, December 17-One Maple WineryonemapleIMG_7716
Friday, December 18-Vintage Wine Bar & RestaurantVINTAGE_maroon_background-611x416
Saturday, December 19-Matson VineyardsmatlogoShowtimes:
Friday – Saturday: 7:30 pm (doors open 6:45 pm)
Sunday Matinees: 2:00 pm (doors open 1:15 pm)Ticket Prices:
Opening/Closing Night: $20
Evening/Matinee Performances: $15Tickets available at the door or in advance at:
Graphic Emporium
1525 Pine Street
Redding, CA 96001
For reservations by phone –  (530) 241-4278For more information call The Riverfront Playhouse at (530) 221-1028 or visit us on the web at
Redding’s Community Theatre Since 1981Riverfront Playhouse · 1620 E. Cypress Ave · Redding, CA 96002


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